Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween at Disneyland!

The family and I went to California last week to help celebrate the 40th of one of my oldest and dearest friends The party was held at Disneyland but, of course, we didn't tell the kids that was where we were going! I love torturing my kids! :)
The ride from the airport to the hotel was not the most exciting trip in the world:

But then Jenna saw the signs for Disneyland:

Disneyland was great. It was decked out in Halloween stuff, (well, as deck out as Disneyland could be for a holiday like Halloween). Here are some pictures.

The weather was beautiful if not a bit on the hot side. The kids got a little soaked in Flick's Fun Park:

All the rides were great but my favorite has always been The Haunted Mansion. I got to see it done up with The Nightmare Before Christmas treatment last year and this year it was just as fun:

More pictures tomorrow.

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