Friday, January 23, 2009

7 Things About Me That You Probably Don't Know

I figure that since I read her post on the subject, I have been tagged. So here we go:

The rules are as follows:

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1. I once ran interference on a jealous boyfriend while James Robinson, the guy who was sleeping with the boyfriend's girlfriend, made a quick escape. (I don't think James likes me telling that story anymore) :-)

2. I've spent several days in jail. (No, I won't tell you about it.)

3. I once pretended to be British for an entire summer just so I could get a girl to sleep with me and then after she did, I told her I really was not. (Yeah, I was a dick in college)

4. I own over 150 karaoke discs.

5. I've acted with both Cuba Gooding Jr and Sean Patrick Flanery as well as Sharon Case. (In fact, I'm pretty sure I can say I've seen them all nekid before!)

6. While I've never seen a live donkey show before, I have seen a piso show while in the Philippines. A piso is about the size of an American half dollar. At a piso show, the "performer" takes all the piso coins that have been thrown at her, stacks them up and then proceeds to become a human bank machine. Cha-ching! (I still breakout into a sweat when I have to roll coin at the shop)

7. My first wife, Kelly, is responsible for setting me up with my current wife, Nina. (Actually, she set me up with Nina's best friend who brought Nina along on the date but that's a whole other story. One that does NOT have anything to do with this inspirational poster.)

Unfortunately, I believe most everyone who I know that blogs has already been tagged so I can only tag Krista and Jeremy.