Friday, May 1, 2009

Bacon Love Fest '09 comes to The Comic Stop!

I put this on The Comic Stop blog but figured I would do so here as well.

Last week I was speaking to Kristina, of Geeked fame, and the subject of bacon came up. (Don't ask) I mentioned to her that I had seen a news report about a "Bacon Festival" that was happening in Seattle that weekend. However, try as we might, we could find no info regarding the Super Secret Double Classified Bacon Festival.

And thus, sadness became the order of the day. (At least until the subject of Star Trek at the IMAX came up. Then the day was, once again, glorious!)

Now, like many of you, my love of bacon is boundless. I love it all. The smell. The taste. The sometimes crunchy and the sometimes chewy. The applewood smoked to the uncured. Simply put, I love the pure awesomeness that is all things BACON! I'm not ashamed (much) to admit that the thought of Diet Coke with Bacon isn't completely nauseating.

However, it also occurs to me that, like many of you, I tend to preform my "bacon love" in private. Many times having to awaken earlier than usual so that I might bake a rack of bacon and eat it all before the family wakes up and demandses to share my preciousssss. Nasty, nasty hobitses!! The baconses is mine! MINE!!!

*Ahem* Sorry.

I think it's time to come out of the bacon closet (wouldn't that actually be a hardwood smoker?) and embrace our fellow bacon lovers! To that end, I propose that The Comic Stop host Bacon Love Fest '09!

We'll keep things simple. Let's pick a Saturday and gather at the Lynnwood Comic Stop. Sometime in the next few weeks? Say, the 23rd? Around 6pm? Sounds good.

Everyone should bring a bacon dish or two (or three or four). Post here what you will be bringing so we don't get a bunch of the exact same dish. Not that duplicate dishes are a bad thing but I think we should strive for diversity in out Bacon Love Fest.

Not a cook you say? No problem! Just bring some strips of cooked bacon and we'll let you partake of the meaty goodness that others bring.

I will start by volunteering to bring some Bacon Candy, Cornflake Bacon Cookies, Caribbean Beef and Bacon Stuffed Plantains and the amazing Porkgasm! ---->

See you at Bacon Love Fest '09!